Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recipe of the Month

Camarones Culichi a.k.a. Shrimp Culichi:

5 Poblano chiles, roasted,stemmed & seeded
3 Garlic cloves
1/2 white onion
2-3 tbs. Chicken bouillon, powdered
1 can of cream( Nestle Media Cream)
1 cup of milk
Salt & Pepper(to season shrimp)


To make the culichi sauce, begin by roasting the poblanos in order to blister the skins. You can achieve this result by either placing them over an open flame or placing them on a sheet pan in the oven, under the broiler. Once the skin is blackened all over, place them in a bowl covered by plastic wrap, plastic bag or brown paper bag and close it tightly and leave to steam for 5-10 minutes. This will help you to peel the blackened skins off musch easier.

Once peeled, remove the stems and de-seed the chiles. Next, place in a blender with the can of cream, milk, garlic cloves, onion and chicken bouillon. Liquefy/blend ingredients together, the end result will be the culichi sauce. Place sauce in a pot and warm until shrimp is cooked through.

Next, saute the seasoned shrimp in butter until pink. Once shrimp are cooked, place in oven safe casserole dish and cover with culichi sauce and top the covered shrimp with a good melting cheese, such as, chihuahua, manchego or monterey jack. Once topped with cheese place under broiler until cheese is nice and bubbly and slightly browned in various spots.

Serve with rice.


Shayna said...

I love this recipe! Thanks for the simple instructions...keep up the good work.

Jules said...

I absolutely love this recipe! My husband is from Tucson and I'm from Sonora but I lived 8 yrs in Tucson; we recently moved to S.C and the food here sucks! In another words, I have to cook a lot more and this recipe is what I've been craving for months now, looking forward to see what your next recipe will be! :)

Vangie said...

I loved this!!! My family loved it. I did think it needed a little bite though. Any ideas on how to make it a bit spicy??

mama yoli said...
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mama yoli said...

It depends on the chili's. I just made some and it turned out very spicy. There's also been times when there's no spice. But I agree its very good no matter how spicy or not!! GOOD LUCK

Jennifer Grant said...

So happy I found this recipe! I visited my uncle a few years back and I had this dish while in Tucson. Ive thought about it often because it blew my tastebuds away! I can't wait to make it!

Jennifer Grant said...

Just an update and all I can say is Ooooo Mmmmm Gggggg!!! It turned out perfect. My poblanos were hot as hell too so it had all the kick needed. Good job Jevon!

Carolyn McGown said...

Wonderful recipe, and almost identical to that served at the Chihuahua restaurants in Tucson. Yeah! We are such a fan of the sauce that I was making it as a culichi-fundido appetizer. Doubled the recipe, & we served it at a party with @ 35 adults (many other appetizers & munchies). Everyone loved it, & they were wiping the pan clean. Some notes: (1) The onion is necessary, but it gave a sharp, raw-onion taste at first (& I used only average-ly strong onions). To counter this, I simmered the sauce when I first made it - low for about half an hour. Then when I served the culichi (two days later), I baked it at 325 for an hour - middle of the oven. (2) As an appetizer, I doubled the recipe, added two cups shredded mozzarella, most stirred in, with a sprinkling on top, served w 2 large bags grocery tortilla chips. (3) Poblanos vary so much in how spicy they are. Since this was an appetizer and not an entree, I wanted to go fairly spicy, so I roasted 4 serranos and included them in the puree. Next time, for a doubled recipe, I would add at least 6 serranos. As a meal, however, depending on the preference of diners, I probably wouldn't add so many hot peppers. (4) The recipe needs more salt than you think.

pacawoman said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My husband and I just moved from Tucson to Iowa. Our favorite treat was to go to Mariscos for Filete Culichi. Since the Mexican restaurants in our little town are abysmal, I long for something deliciously authentic. This recipe is perfect! Thank you so much! BTW, cod is cheaper here than catfish and tilapia! Who'da thunk?