Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michoacan's Taqueria

This is my second official post, but will be a work in progress since my time is scattered these days. Anyways, if you are ever in Tucson,Az. you need to check this spot out if you want some traditional mexican food from Michoacan and Jalisco, Mexico. They cover alot of tasty areas whether you want Sopes, Tacos, Enchiladas, Elote Cocido or Huarache con Carne Asada. But the thing this taqueria is mainly known for, believe it or not is, Raspados & Paletas. Easily defined...Raspados are like a mexican twist on an average snow cone. It has crushed ice, diced fruit in it's appropriately flavored syrup, ice cream & sweetened condensed milk. And it is the bomb! I like mine either straight up or blended in slush format. Now onto paletas, they are popsicles which usually include fresh fruit either whole, diced or in chunks. Now I can't forget that they also make a nice selection of Agua Frescas("fresh waters"), like jamaica(hibiscus flower), limonada(limeade), tamarindo(tamarind), horchata(cinnamon-rice), sandia(watermelon), etc....Go check it out if you are near the northside of tucson, specifically on 3235 N. Flowing Wells Rd. or inside the Tucson Mall.

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